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These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
CARBON-MONEYCLIP Need a sleek, minimalistic solution for carrying your cash? Look no further than our Braum carbon fiber style money clips! Just fold your cash neatly in half and slide it in your Braum money clip for minimal bulk and easy access. Choose from four color combinations—red, gold, glossy black, and matte black—for a stylish way to keep your cash secure and easily accessible.

Color options:
Gloss Black
Matte Black

ELITE-HARNESS GROMMETS These original BRAUM replacement harness grommets/inserts will fit both the ELITE Series and the ELITE-X Series sport seats. Whether you’re looking to further show your individuality by custom painting the grommets or simply need replacements, they will provide the perfect snap-on solution.

Comes with 1 mating pair of replacement grommets (good for one seat)

Compatible with BRAUM Elite and Elite-X series sport seats

Direct snap-on installation

Made of high performance injection molded ABS plastic
HARNESS PADS Whether you’re using the factory 3 point seat belt on a completely stock car or a high horsepower track monster with 6 point harnesses, a roll cage, and fixed bucket seats, seat belts can get uncomfortable. The edge of the belt can rub on your skin and the pressure of the belt against your chest can become downright painful over time. If you can relate, consider our harness pads made by Braum. Their soft and plushy feel will help reduce driver fatigue (and passenger fatigue, for that matter) and keep that irritating belt from bothering you during long, monotonous drives or short, spirited ones. They come in three different colors (black, red and blue) with a beautifully stitched logo and are easy to install
just pry each pad apart to release the Velcro, slip them over your seat belt, and press the Velcro together again!' Choose from Red, Black or Blue
Comes in a set of two
Easy Velcro installation

SNAPBACK HAT Up your hat game while showing off the car enthusiast in you. This hat features the BRAUM logo embroidered on the front of a sleek black crown and has a straight bill with a black underside, a clean cut look for a snapback.


Embroidered logo on the front
Adjustable snapback sizing piece for a custom fit
100% polyester
PLANTED SEAT SPACER This Planted Seat Spacer is 1/4 inch thick aluminum powder coated black, and is the length and width of the Recaro Non-tabbed slider. The spacer weighs about 1 lb total and includes predrilled slots so putting them between the slider and the seat bracket is a sinch with some longer hardware. We created these spacers to solve an issue with the Recaro Sportster CS, Style, Sport, and Trend seats where the bottom of the seat hangs down lower then the sliders so can contact the bracket. Raising them 1/4 inch solves the issue.

The spacers are also ideal for raising any seat that sits lower then desired and can be used with other major brands of sliders like Sparco & OMP. They can also be used without sliders although in some cases drilling additional holes may be required.

The seat spacer is sold in a pair (enough for one seat).
SEAT LOCK-SLIDER If you’re in the market for an aftermarket seat, chances are you’ll need mounting hardware made specifically for your vehicle. This means that, in addition to seat brackets, you will also sliders. Sliders are the part of your seat that allows you to make horizontal adjustments (front/back) to your seating position. Without them you would most likely have to choose a fixed seating position and bolt down your seat so that it’s always in that position. If you want to retain this adjustability, our sliders will allow you to do that. They go between your aftermarket seat and seat bracket. They feature a locking mechanism that is released with a pull of an extended handle, which you can reach from the front underside of your seat, similar to how most manually adjusted automotive seats are from the factory. Our sliders are high quality and durable. They lock on both sides (hence, “dual locking”) for safe and secure adjustments.
TOW STRAP If you’re the least bit daring or adventurous, chances are high that you’ll find yourself stranded on the side of the road or the track some time in the future. Even if you just daily drive your vehicle and avoid doing anything out of the ordinary, you could still find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. If you hope to be rescued by a tow truck or a benevolent passer-by without further damaging your vehicle, your vehicle should be tow ready. This is especially true if your vehicle is lowered or equipped with custom body panels. A careless or inexperienced tow truck driver might opt for less-than-optimal points from which to pull your car, resulting in scratched paint, cracked bumpers or completely torn off panels. Don’t let this happen to you: prepare for the worst with Braum tow straps from Renn Racing! They’re strong, durable and stylish so you can emerge from any ditch in style and safety.

INSULATED WATER BOTTLE BRAUM’s Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle keeps your drinks cold for 9 hours and hot for up to 18 hours with its double-walled vacuum insulation and seal-tight cap. It’s the perfect and practical way to show off your passion for cars while you’re on the go!


17oz capacity

Unique double-walled vacuum insulation technology

High quality food grade 18/304 stainless steel on both inside and outside walls

Rust proof and leak-proof

100% BPA free

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