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The first step to any type of financing is always to provide your personal information, click the link below to either method of financing for an easy application, make sure to have your checking account information ready; as well as you're SSN and Drivers License for identity verification.
Order Parts
SNAP, Progressive, Synchrony and ACIMA require verification to order parts and setup transactions. Once approved, feel free to place your order online or contact us for help. Looking for something but can't find it? Contact us, we carry thousands of other products that you may not find on our site.
Enjoy Your Ride
Sit back and relax, your parts are already on the way to your door! Please allow 24-48 hours for us to provide tracking for your order. We guarantee you will be happy with your purchase, send us a picture of you're parts installed, write us a review on Google and tell all your fiends.
SNAP financing is available currently in 47 states across the USA and is one of the fastest growing micro finance companies in the industry. With a simple application and industry leading 15 second approval, they strive to provide the best customer service experience in the industry.
  • No Credit Needed
  • 100 Day Cash Payoff
  • Flat $39 processing fee
  • Sales Tax is required based on state
  • Checking account information required to apply
  • No down payment required (If balance covers purchase)
  • Great customer service and support
SNAP requires 3 Months of employment history and 3 months of having the same bank account. Having direct deposit is also a key factor for approval. Try Snap Back, a new feature that allows you to create multiple transactions with no extra fees, call us for details.
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Progressive Leasing is currently available across most of the USA and is a top tier lease to purchase companies in the industry. With a simple application and industry leading 30 second approval, they strive to provide some of the best customer service experience in the industry.
  • No Credit Needed
  • 90 Day Payment Option
  • Flat Initial Payment
  • Debit Card or Credit Card Needed for Initial Payment
  • Great customer service and support
Progressive needs accurate information to approve the application. If you encounter any difficulties with the application process, please immediately reach out to Progressive Leasing at (877) 898-1970 or contact us directly at (407) 846-8430 for further assistance.
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Car Care One, a Synchrony Financial Company, is a program to finance your car parts and installs while being able to use your credit at a network of companies. Synchrony's program requires a credit check, and is a program that offers 6 and 12 month interest free programs based on your purchase limit.
  • Credit Check Required
  • 6 and 12 Month Interest free periods
  • No Processing Fees
  • Rotating Credit Limit
  • available to use at a network of other businesses
  • Online payment and app support
Multiple transactions can be done on the Car Care One card based on your credit limit. Minimal payments will apply to your purchase during your 6 or 12 month interest free period. Great for larger purchases that would usually be difficult to afford up front. Already a Car Care One member? There is no need to apply again! Just call or email us with your account info.
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ACIMA financing is available in all 50 states and is a fantastic company to finance with. Armed with a simple 1 page application and 10 second approval, your just a few clicks away from ordering any part you would like!
  • No Credit Check Approvals
  • Flat $50 Fee for use
  • No Down Payment (if your balance covers purchase)
  • Great Customer Service and Support
  • Additional documents at close of sale are sometimes required
ACIMA finance won't allow you to reopen a balance once closed, so be sure to order everything you want at once. Be sure to have your checking account info available when doing your application.
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PayPal is already known industry wide as the largest Internet payment and banking solution.  The introduction of PayPal bill me later has revolutionized micro finance by providing many individuals with credit that may not be approved by conventional methods.
  • 3, 6, and 12 month Interest free payment plans
  • Having a PayPal account is required
  • Having more than 1 checking/credit card linked to your PayPal account helps you're chances of approval
  • Easy flexible payment options
  • Great customer service and support
PayPal has stricter regulations for approval, however a credit line with them will allow you to spend you're balance anywhere PayPal is accepted.  Applying is easy, and usually requires only basic information.
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We now offer payment of your online purchase using the financing method you are about to apply and get approved for below! Here are the quick and easy steps to follow:

  • Place all items you would like to purchase in your cart (don't see something you want in our site? Don't worry, not everything we carry is on our site, and you will get time to speak to a customer service representative once before your order is finalized). Now you can also shop our newest site Speedzone-Web.com with your approval! Looking for wheels and other high performance brands not found here? Go checkout the new site for tons of new brands and selection.
  • During the checkout process select the Financing box as method of payment. Under this box there is a comment field where you can add your SNAP customer application ID, your Progressive Lease ID, or add your Synchrony account number.
  • Even if you don't know any of these numbers, you can still select this option and just type in the company you applied with, and we will be happy to look it up for you.
  • Expect a call from one of our knowledgeable customer service associates who will verify your order, make suggestions, and finalize your purchase.
  • Enjoy your parts in record time with our super fast shipping, as we welcome you to the Speedzone family; and work to earn all of your future business. Tracking numbers are available by request with an email to: Sales@Speedzoneweb.com within 48-72 hours based on the product you have ordered and availability of the specific product.


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I was skeptical at first, and didn't think it was possible to finance car parts with no interest.  After applying, I got approved in just a few seconds, and was called within the hour to place an order for my Coilovers and wheels! Now I send all my friends to these guys.

- Andrew Harris (Pittsburg, PA)

After having my car broken in the garage for almost three months, with a bad head gasket, I called the guys at Speedzone to see if I could get it fixed on a budget.  After they told me about SNAP, I applied and got approved for $1300 even though I have really bad credit! I got the car fixed and got some new tires while I was there.  It really helped me when I wasn't sure what to do!

- Emanuel Rivera (Orlando, FL)

I wanted some cams for my Honda build, but couldn't afford them, as my son was being born in the next two months.  I contacted Speedzone because my friend told me they financed, I had never done anything like it before, but after talking to a rep, felt comfortable enough to apply for the PayPal bill me Later.  After being approved, I had enough for my cams and used the rest online at another place to order baby stuff my wife and I had talked about.  The best part was not having to pay interest for 6 months, and they gave me $10 off just for using the service! I'm for sure going to be a repeat customer to This place; these guys are beyond helpful.

- Jimmy Gutieriez (Las Vegas, NV) -

I needed around another $1200 for my air ride, but didn't want to wait a few more paychecks before show season, so I applied for the SNAP program. I was amazed at how fast the whole process was, and even though the dates they were supposed to take out my payments didn't work for me, I called; as advised by the guys at Speedzone, and SNAP adjusted the dates without issue and were very helpful. I'm now opening my second SNAP invoice for a set of wheels, couldn't be happier with getting my parts now and paying for them a little at a time!

- Ben Willson (Sacramento, CA)

I've been using my Car Care One card at Pep Boys for the past three years to repair my car. My son got a new car recently and we wanted to buy some wheels that Speedzone gave us a great deal on. After finding out they accepted Car Care One, I ordered the wheels and got them the next day. The best part is that they got me an interest free payment period for 1 whole year! Very happy I was able to get my son what he wanted and can pay for them over the next year.

- Gregory Thompson (Melbourne, FL.)

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Do SNAP, Zibby, Progressive, or Crest require credit?

No, there is never any credit needed, both companies ask for you're SSN and or DL number to verify identity, but neither will check or effect you're credit in any way.

If I apply for any of the listed Companies, do I have to use them right away, and if so will they start to bill me right away?

You are never required to use a program, just because you have been approved.  Note that all programs have an expiry date and you will only have that time to use the account before they expire and you will be required to re-apply.  There will never be a payment deducted from you're account or bill sent to you, if you decide not to purchase anything.  Billing normally starts within 1-2 weeks after you're purchase.

if I get approved for $1000 with one of the companies above and only decide to use $400, can I use the rest later?

The answer to this question is based on the company you applied with.  Each company has their own way of doing things and will allow you to use the balance or not use the balance based on their policies.  Not sure about this information?  Call or email us and we are happy to get you the information.

Do fee's apply on either program?

SNAP does require a $39 processing fee on each transaction and a 7.5% FL state sales tax on each overall sale, PayPal Bill me Later has no such requirement.

Am I able to use both PayPal Bill Me Later and SNAP at the same time?

There are no restrictions on using both programs at the same time, however; we strongly encourage all of our customers to be financially responsible and only borrow amounts that would be feasible for them to pay back in a reasonable time frame and schedule.